Museum of Traditional Manual Weaving of Poozerye


A man like a plant cannot exist without any roots. On the one hand we are one`s continuation, on the other hand – one`s beginning. We should grow and develop ourselves further. But how can we do it without knowing our background?

Only when you realize how your forefathers lived, what they really wanted, you start understand your own wishes.

Our museum is a special place where you can find out a lot of information about belarussian culture, national traditions and even sacral knowledge. The museum will show the visitors all the secrets of growing and processing of flax at the end of XIX – beginning of the XX century on the territory of northern Belarus, it will tell the visitors about the most widespread and an ancient type of a national decorative and applied art – weaving.

When you see the patterns on weaved and embroidered items, you`ll get to know rich source of cultural heritage. For resounding the wisdom of the ancestors with the melody of your holiday, the museum invites young couples for wedding ceremony “Yak zlilisya dzve rechanki…” (“How did two rivers unite...”) aimed at welfare and happy fate for a new family.

The museum invites you to take part in folk holidays (Kaliadu, Gukanne Viasnu) for keeping, reviving and using of heritage, stored for centuries. During all these holidays you`ll take pleasure in an authentic belarussian singing, traditional belarussian games and dances.